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This blog is about our little Japanese-German family living in a small town in Saitama, Japan.

We are Midori, Sasuke, Hikaru and Daniel and we'd like to try and write about everything that interests us in any way, shape or form.

Hatsumode Otaru 2010

Midori, Sasuke and Hikaru are natural born and raised Japanese citizens, while Daniel is a natural born German Dickkopf, which is German for being stubborn or being a bullhead/dick head or in Japanese 石頭 (ishi atama), which literally means "stone head" or "head of stone" (ishi = stone, atama = stone). Quite the precise translation for GermanJapanese. :-D

If you need to contact us please use this email for now: dgollub (at) web.de or follow Daniel's Twitter (https://twitter.com/#!/DanielGollub)

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