So I am 8 months pregnant now, with 1035g baby (as of Aug 1st) inside my belly! And I feel great!!!

On first trimester, we worried a bit mainly bcoz of this extra-anguish doctor who asks so many irrelevant questions like have I ever been diagnosed with cancer, a female-kind diseases or previous baby problem etc, which I have none, at all. Yep, I am quite a healthy woman with occasional drinking and junky food intake, but that’s about it? Considering I am blessed to conceive shortly after our reunion ;-)!

As I am now on my second trimester, I feel veeerry healthy: I don’t take any harmful intake, such as caffeine (I drink decafe stuff, yak!), alcohol (so miss beer & wine!) nor too much greasy food consecutively (sometimes pizza & burger lunch!). Knowing every bite I take becomes a fresh & blood of our baby, yeeahhh, of course I can be very patient on what I eat and drink! Right Daniel :-p! (he always says I freak out too often, no patience!)

It was quite funny how I swam out in a sea: I feel much lighter! People around me were quite surprised to learn that I actually swam & snorkeled with kids, but it was just so natural to me. I feel my belly was like another floating bag to support me. I even ate a lot from breakfast for I swam like all day long. (Daniel was impressed on my third bowl of rice, hahaha) Now my weight is over 50kg from normal 42-43kg. It’s a gradual upward gaining 1kg per months, so it’s a perfect gain! Except, doctor says I should* have a tendency of anemia due to the lack of iron in my blood, so now I have to take iron pills after meal. Baaaa!!

Anyways, I am doing super uber great with my baby who dance and kick so often, and I am enjoying every moment of it! Can’t wait to meet him/her (we ask to make it a surprise!) soon!

Meanwhile, enjoy the heat!