After nearly 3 years without so much as a beep we are finally back on this blog. Let’s hope we will stay this time and don’t go on a drawn out hiatus again.

A lot has happened and a lot has changed in those last 3 years.

We got another little mouth to feed: our little Yurika (久保: ゆりか) was born in August 2014.

She was quite small and weak when she first arrived (only about 2200 gram), but since then she grew quite a bit and is now pretty big and strong - just ask Shinobu about it :-).

Speaking of Shinobu, she is now a lot taller and bigger of course, and she is quite clever (as is Yurika). Both together are the pride of their daddy (and their mother, of course), even in case of fooling around and making lots of nonsense. Both are quite the talkers as well. You’d be surprised how much especially Yurika can already talk and understand.

These two rascals will destroy anything in their way, just because they want to play with it. But only when they are not busy trying to murder each other over a toy or crayon or what-have-you. :-)

So, that’s it for now. Hopefully we will come back soon enough with some more blog posts again. :-)

See ya!