Due Date: October 29th! – 11 weeks left!

So I am 8 months pregnant now, with 1035g baby (as of Aug 1st) inside my belly! And I feel great!!!

On first trimester, we worried a bit mainly bcoz of this extra-anguish doctor who asks so many irrelevant questions like have I ever been diagnosed with cancer, a female-kind diseases or previous baby problem etc, which I have none, at all. Yep, I am quite a healthy woman with occasional drinking and junky food intake, but that’s about it? Considering I am blessed to conceive shortly after our reunion ;-) !

As I am now on my second trimester, I feel veeerry healthy: I don’t take any harmful intake, such as caffeine (I drink decafe stuff, yak!), alcohol (so miss beer & wine!) nor too much greasy food consecutively (sometimes pizza & burger lunch!). Knowing every bite I take becomes a fresh & blood of our baby, yeeahhh, of course I can be very patient on what I eat and drink! Right Daniel :-p! (he always says I freak out too often, no patience!)

It was quite funny how I swam out in a sea: I feel much lighter! People around me were quite surprised to learn that I actually swam & snorkeled with kids, but it was just so natural to me. I feel my belly was like another floating bag to support me. I even ate a lot from breakfast for I swam like all day long. (Daniel was impressed on my third bowl of rice, hahaha) Now my weight is over 50kg from normal 42-43kg. It’s a gradual upward gaining 1kg per months, so it’s a perfect gain! Except, doctor says I should* have a tendency of anemia due to the lack of iron in my blood, so now I have to take iron pills after meal. Baaaa!!

Anyways, I am doing super uber great with my baby who dance and kick so often, and I am enjoying every moment of it! Can’t wait to meet him/her (we ask to make it a surprise!) soon!

Meanwhile, enjoy the heat!


Christmas Date! Movie x Korean BBQ

Tom Cruise still got it! He has all his macho body with handsome face and sweet action! Yeaahhh!

-> We went to see "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol" on the last weekend, followed by Korean BBQ.

I loved this movie!!

I am not a big fan of Cruise (rather I like Jet Lee, Jason Statham etc, bold macho guy in action movie!), yet this movie was really entertaining! I'd say it's the best this year, followed by Expendables and Salt.

Walking under all the X'mas illumination, we went to enjoy Korean BBQ.

It was whole alot of meat and spicy feast! I'd still smell like garlic after overnight. We did some X'mas shopping and sending out stuff, so we were pretty much beaten after all those activities. Speaking of, Daniel went to cut his hair at my friend's hair salon in the neighbourhood. Guess he enjoyed the refreshing experiment v(≧∇≦)v

Some fotos will follow!

Since we have a national holiday on Fri, this week is the last working 4 days before we go to Hokkaido, to my parent's house. Gonna pack!



The Last Beer Garden!

It’s still summer! It’s Hot! Gonna go enjoy this heat in a best way possible :mrgreen:

Answer: Beer Garden!!! :lol:

Beer Garden At Night

Beer Garden At Night

Unlike Germany, we only have beer garden during summer, mostly on top roof of the department store. I hop around here and there, finally I have found the best One!!! Various drinks, foods, spacious settings (important! Many places doesn’t allow too much space, rather squeeze in to the minimum room for two slim ppl -> Tokyo standard!), with nice breeze and scenery. I love this place so much, already gone 4 times this summer! Usually, they close at the end of Aug, not this summer!!! We have over 30 degree everyday in September compared to typhoon chilly August: they decided to extend for 2 more weeks! What a nice call!

Food at the Beer Garden

Food at the Beer Garden

Prost to the Beer Garden!!

Beer Garden

Beer Garden