Hattalica & Megade-cyu in Shimokitazawa :-)

Hi all! Headbanging (*゜◇゜)y I & my sis went to see the "The big 4" metal copy-band gig on Jan. 15th Sunday; the "big 4" refers Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax and Slayer! Believe it or not, we have a copy band for all of them in Japan!! and they do this get together gig once a year I guess.

The opening was a copy band of Testament; another favs of mine! It was quite cool, buttttt the following Megade-cyu was... oh no!!! Maybe I expected too much? or that Metallica copy band was so perfect?

Anyways, the whole thing lasted for 5'30" hours, quite fun!!! I think, each member of the band has their own original band (except Metallica? dunno) and they do this as a promotion or something. I sure want to go original bands, but it's quite rare they come to Japan! and it's so pricy!! so we go there to blast from time to time v(≧∇≦)v

Till next time, Adios!!! Keep banging!!!


Hattalica Concert

(above; you can see my sis right behind drummer on the main page foto! it was taken at the Ginza gig; Yeahh!! - I was hidden by that drummer..!)

Anthrax Gig: Cancelled!!!!!

OMGGGGGggg! I was so looking forward to this! Anthrax Live! and it was cancelled just before the date! WT*!!!!

I actually didn't know it was cancelled till the exact date, so I met up with sis at the closest station (Shibuya, one of the biggest in Tokkyo) and then my sis told me this "unfortunate" event.... we just had to go for glasses of beer instead! and it was quite a fun nontheless, so okay :-)

The source says the cancellatio is due to some health conditions of family member of the band, or something which noone really believes when they were doing just rollin on other areas. Darn! Personally, I think it's a luck of communication or persuation of agency here in Japan; they are quite famous for their lousy job!

Anyways, it's a X'mas time!! It's all in the air! I just heard from this morning's news that more people are going for domestic/oversea travel over the new year's holiday in Japan. That'd do some good for our economy! We, too gonna enjoy snowy white X'mas in onsen in Hokkaido ;-) yeah!

Only 4 work days to go till vacation time! Hang on!

Have a very Merry Christmas!!

(Deutsch) Der erste Monat ist um! Außerdem: Zahnarzt & Unterrichtsbesichtigung in der Grundschule

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Hattalica in Ginza!

Wwwwww Whiplash! Metallica Rules!! Yeeeeaaahhhhh!!

Woops, sorry, got a little bitty carried away: I and my sis went to this Metallica copy band "Hattalica" (the only "officially" approved copy band by the original band!) in Ginza last night. It was awesome!! I heandbanged so hard, my neck hurts a bit ;-) but it's a good pain! Metallica Rules!!!! (their name, "Hattalica" => Hattali, means bluff, or to disguise, plus it rhymes with the "Metallica").

It took place at one event hall, not at the live stage as usual: about 30-60 ppl were packed in there, shouting and head banging :-) . The band played most favorite songs of all the time such as Blackend, One, Whiplash and Battery etc etc. It was so cool!!!!

I never stopped being a big fan of heavy metal since I was in high school, been to many gigs in US & in Japan. Comparatively, I feel Japanese audience are much.. polite! to the band and to other audiences. which is okay. not all the time esp when it's a heavy metal gig you are talking about ;-) Break the chain! Come out!! Free yourself!!!

Anyways, I had a good time headbanging and I got to talk with members afterwards.

They are nice guys and played the songs perfectly!! Oh, and I got a drum stick!!! Yeeahh!!

Next gig: Anthrax in December! See you then, pals!!