Christmas Date! Movie x Korean BBQ

Tom Cruise still got it! He has all his macho body with handsome face and sweet action! Yeaahhh!

-> We went to see "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol" on the last weekend, followed by Korean BBQ.

I loved this movie!!

I am not a big fan of Cruise (rather I like Jet Lee, Jason Statham etc, bold macho guy in action movie!), yet this movie was really entertaining! I'd say it's the best this year, followed by Expendables and Salt.

Walking under all the X'mas illumination, we went to enjoy Korean BBQ.

It was whole alot of meat and spicy feast! I'd still smell like garlic after overnight. We did some X'mas shopping and sending out stuff, so we were pretty much beaten after all those activities. Speaking of, Daniel went to cut his hair at my friend's hair salon in the neighbourhood. Guess he enjoyed the refreshing experiment v(≧∇≦)v

Some fotos will follow!

Since we have a national holiday on Fri, this week is the last working 4 days before we go to Hokkaido, to my parent's house. Gonna pack!



Anthrax Gig: Cancelled!!!!!

OMGGGGGggg! I was so looking forward to this! Anthrax Live! and it was cancelled just before the date! WT*!!!!

I actually didn't know it was cancelled till the exact date, so I met up with sis at the closest station (Shibuya, one of the biggest in Tokkyo) and then my sis told me this "unfortunate" event.... we just had to go for glasses of beer instead! and it was quite a fun nontheless, so okay :-)

The source says the cancellatio is due to some health conditions of family member of the band, or something which noone really believes when they were doing just rollin on other areas. Darn! Personally, I think it's a luck of communication or persuation of agency here in Japan; they are quite famous for their lousy job!

Anyways, it's a X'mas time!! It's all in the air! I just heard from this morning's news that more people are going for domestic/oversea travel over the new year's holiday in Japan. That'd do some good for our economy! We, too gonna enjoy snowy white X'mas in onsen in Hokkaido ;-) yeah!

Only 4 work days to go till vacation time! Hang on!

Have a very Merry Christmas!!